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Why people love our Sriracha salt so much

We had a pretty good feeling when we started Stiff Salt that our Sriracha salt recipe was going to be a hit, and as the past few weeks have shown, we weren't wrong! Sriracha salt is our best selling flavour. 

Huy Fong foods, the makers of the most popular Sriracha sauce, sells over 20 million bottles per year, which makes you wonder why everybody loves Sriracha so much. As with most things food, we think it's really all about balance. Sriracha sauce is simple - it contains chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. If you think about each of these ingredients individually, you'll see that there is a touch of everything you're looking for in a balanced food - spiciness, acidity, umami (from the garlic), sweetness, and of course, saltiness. 

Our biggest goal when making our Sriracha salt was to maintain this balance while transforming it into a gourmet seasoning. To meet this goal, we made batch after batch, tweaking our ratios each time until we stumbled upon perfection. 

The result is our best selling Sriracha salt. It's spicy and garlicky, with the perfect amount of acidity and sweetness. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. 

Try some today!

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